VITACEL Dietary Fibers

VITACEL® Dietary Fibers   VITACEL® are functional dietary plant fibers, produced from top-quality fruit, vegetable and cereal raw materials. They serve both nutritional-physiological tasks and functional requirements of food industry. As a solution provider with application and recipe support, quality … Read More

Ethanol Based Extracts

Ethanol Based Extracts Herbal Extract Standardized For Grades Available Adhatoda vasica Vasicine 0.8% Andrographis paniculata Andrographolides 10% – 50% Bacopa monnieri Baccosides 20%, 40% Boswellia serrata Boswellic acids 50% Senna: Cassia angustifolia Sennosides 20% Green coffee: Coffea arabica Chlorogenic Acid … Read More

Water Soluble Extracts

Water Soluble Extracts Herbal Extract Standardized For Grades Available Asparagus racemosus Saponins 40% Azadirachta indica Bitters 3% Chlorophytum borivilianum Saponins 20% Eugenia jambolana Bitters 5% Garcinia cambogia (combination of Calcium, Potassium & Magnesium Salts) (-) Hydroxycitric acid 60% Glycyrrhiza glabra … Read More


amVigour™ Energy & Immunity for Long Life amVigour™ is a proprietary extract of the fruit Emblica Officinalis, or Amla, the Indian “Super Fruit.” Due to K. Patel’s special manufacturing process, amVigour™ has additional benefits than conventional Amla extracts. Why Vigour™ … Read More

CurcuVail ™

CurcuVail™ CurcuVail® is a unique innovative Curcumin that is specially designed using dispersion technology. It has evolved and extended the traditional goodness of Curcumin by enhancing its bioavailability. What is Tumeric? Turmeric (curcuma longa, an Indian spice) is a herbaceous … Read More


Phytochemicals   Markan Global sells high-quality phytochemicals for use in nutraceuticals. Our product line includes: Curcumin 95% Colchicine USP/BP/EP/IP Thiocolchicoside FP/IP/KP Piperine 95% Andrographolides 80% Levodopa 80% Sennosides 90%