VIVAPHARM® Alginates Alginates A Natural Hydrocolloid Extracted from Brown Seaweed VIVAPHARM® Alginates – Sodium Alginate Sodium Alginate can be used as a thickening agent, suspending agent, disintegrating agent and for controlled release applications. VIVAPHARM® Alginates – Calcium Alginate Calcium Alginate … Read More


JRS Pharma launches “PROSOLV® EASYtab” an exciting All-in-One, High Functionality, Excipient Composite JRS Pharma, the world’s leading excipient manufacturer, is launching the first ready-to-use lubricant-coated high functionality excipient in the market. Using JRS Pharma’s proven technology platform, their formulation scientists … Read More

VIVAPHARM® HPMC – Hypromellose

VIVAPHARM® HPMC Hypromellose INTRODUCTION VIVAPHARM® HPMC, hypromellose, is a cellulose-based polymer for film coating, wet granulation, and hard capsule manufacturing. It is practically insoluble in hot water, acetone, anhydrous ethanol, and toluene and dissolves in cold water, resulting in a … Read More


VIVAPUR® MCG Microcrystalline Cellulose and Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium VIVAPUR® MCG – A Powerful Tool For Liquid Dosage Forms INTRODUCTION Liquid dosage forms are a common and popular approach to overcoming the many obstacles of administering medicines to children, the elderly, and … Read More

VIVAPHARM® Sugar Spheres

VIVAPHARM® Sugar Spheres VIVAPHARM Sugar Spheres are specially designed spherical particles of uniform diameter. They are white, uniform granules that are practically inert and odorless VIVAPHARM SUGAR SPHERES 12-14 VIVAPHARM SUGAR SPHERES 14-18 VIVAPHARM SUGAR SPHERES 16-18 VIVAPHARM SUGAR SPHERES … Read More

EMCOSOY® – Soy Polysaccharides

EMCOSOY® Soy Polysaccharides INTRODUCTION EMCOSOY® is an all-natural tablet disintegrant manufactured from soy that has not been genetically modified. The only disintegrant of its kind, EMCOSOY® uniquely provides performance and nutritional value. Its wicking mechanism pulls water into the tablet … Read More

VIVAPHARM® PVPP – Crospovidone

VIVAPHARM® PVPP Crospovidone INTRODUCTION Tablet disintegration involves the fast breakage of a solid dosage structure via contact with water or gastric fluids. It enables dissolution of the bio-active components as a prerequisite for achieving the desired and required bioavailability. VIVAPHARM® … Read More

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