TRI-Comprez® Tribasic Calcium Phosphate TRI-Comprez® Ultra Low-Lead, USP & FCC, Granular TRI-Comprez® Ultra Low-Lead, USP & FCC, Powder TRI-Comprez® Ultra Low-Lead, USP & FCC, Micronized TRI-Comprez® USP & FCC, Granular TRI-Comprez® USP & FCC, Powder TRI-Comprez® USP & FCC, Micronized … Read More


A-Comprez® Anhydrous Dibasic Calcium Phosphate A-Comprez® Ultra Low-Lead, USP & FCC, Unmilled A-Comprez® Ultra Low-Lead, USP & FCC, Powder A-Comprez® USP & FCC, Unmilled A-Comprez® USP & FCC, Powder A-Comprez®, Anhydrous Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, is a moisture sensitive filler available … Read More


DI-Comprez® Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate DI-Comprez® Ultra Low-Lead, USP & FCC, Unmilled DI-Comprez® Ultra Low-Lead, USP & FCC, Powder DI-Comprez® USP & FCC, Unmilled DI-Comprez® USP & FCC, Powder DI-Comprez®, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate, is a highly economical filler available … Read More

Stearic Acid

Stearic Acid Stearic Acid USP & FCC Stearic Acid USP Stearic Acid is a lubricating, solubilizing, and emulsifying agent used in tablets and capsules. It can also be used as an agent for controlled release of APIs. ABOUT SUDEEP PHARMA … Read More

LUBRI-PREZ® Magnesium Stearate

LUBRI-PREZ® Magnesium Stearate LUBRI-PREZ® USP (INTERTEK – RSPO certified) LUBRI-PREZ® USP & FCC Magnesium stearate is one of the most widely used excipients in the pharmaceutical industry. LUBRI-PREZ® is a lubricating agent from the magnesium salt of stearic acid. Primarily … Read More


VIVAPHARM® Pectins VIVAPHARM® Pectins are natural thickeners, stabilizers, and gelling agents, derived from versatile biopolymers found in the cell walls of citrus peels. JRS PHARMA offers a full range of high-quality citrus Pectins, including pure Pectin for pharmaceutical applications, as … Read More


VIVAPHARM®PVA Polyvinyl alcohol INTRODUCTION Polyvinyl Alcohol is a well-established polymer in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to its unique properties, it is used in various applications. The most widely used applications are tablet coating and wet granulation, but PVA also plays … Read More


VIVAPHARM®PVP VIVAPHARM® PVP K30/K25 – Povidone Introduction Povidones are available in different molecular weights. The higher the molecular weight, the greater the viscosity and consequently the adhesive strength. The K-value denotes the intrinsic viscosity of the polymer related to the … Read More


VIVAPHARM® Alginates Alginates A Natural Hydrocolloid Extracted from Brown Seaweed VIVAPHARM® Alginates – Sodium Alginate Sodium Alginate can be used as a thickening agent, suspending agent, disintegrating agent and for controlled release applications. VIVAPHARM® Alginates – Calcium Alginate Calcium Alginate … Read More

VIVACOAT® – Ready to use Coating System

VIVACOAT® Ready to use Coating System VIVACOAT® A – (high) Adhesion VIVACOAT® M neo – Moisture Barrier VIVACOAT® X – eXtra Elegance VIVACOAT® C – Customer Formulation VIVACOAT® N – Natural Components VIVACOAT® seal – Multifunctional VIVACOAT® ocean pure – … Read More

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