PolyGit L 100 55 - Powder Form

Methacrylic Acid and Ethyl Acrylate Copolymer USPNF

PolyGit L100 55 is used to coat API formulation to release the product in the intestine.

Physical Form - Fine white powder

Application - Film coating, Enteric Coating and Sustain Release of tablets and pellets in Solvent base

  • Delayed Release
  • Easily combined to achieve a specific dissolution pH
  • Highly stable, with rapid dissolution for precise targeting
  • Able to protect the transit of APIs sensitive to gastric fluid

About Valens Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd.

​​Valens Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of pharma grade polymers based in Gujarat, India. Their range of high quality products include products for enteric coating, taste masking, and emulsifying agents.