Ready to use Coating System

VIVACOAT® A - (high) Adhesion VIVACOAT® M neo - Moisture Barrier VIVACOAT® X - eXtra Elegance VIVACOAT® C - Customer Formulation VIVACOAT® N - Natural Components VIVACOAT® seal - Multifunctional VIVACOAT® ocean pure - Nature’s Best Alternative
VIVACOAT® free - Titanium Dioxide Free VIVACOAT® protect T - Taste Masking VIVACOAT® protect U - UV-Protection VIVACOAT® protect W - Water Vapor Protection VIVACOAT® protect E - Acid Protection


VIVACOAT® is a fully formulated, ready-to-use, all-in-one film coating system, produced by well-trained experts with state-of-the-art equipment in a GMP environment. It is designed to perform with a wide range of film-coating equipment to meet a formulation's specific requirements.

VIVACOAT® offers:

  • HPMC manufactured by JRS
  • Highest quality standards
  • Shorter process time
  • Reduced costs
  • Product-specific, fast development of the coating
  • Best quality at a reasonable price
  • Batch-to-batch color consistency
  • Color guarantee
  • Free technical support

VIVACOAT® A - (high) Adhesion

As adhesion of the film on the tablet core often is an issue, VIVACOAT® A is the best solution for adhesion related challenges. VIVACOAT® A  shows outstanding adhesion to tablet cores achieved by using globally accepted excipients.

Low adhesion can be the reason for the frequently observed effect of “logo bridging.“ VIVACOAT® A  leads to perfect logo definition. Furthermore, the sometimes problematic edges of the tablet are well-covered.

Short process times are achieved by utilising the high solids content of VIVACOAT® A (up to 20% solids), and the unique combination of polymer and plasticizer allows the coated cores to “self polish“ in your equipment.

VIVACOAT® M neo - Moisture Barrier

Many APIs are sensitive towards hydrolysis and, thus, humidity lowers the activity of APIs. VIVACOAT® M neo is optimized to protect a moisture sensitive tablet core against humidity. The best protection can be achieved by the combination of VIVACOAT® M neo and the correct type of protective packaging. We offer a robust film coating system which shows outstanding performance in both the laboratory and in the production environment.

VIVACOAT® X - eXtra Elegance

For a unique appearance to further enhance your OTC or nutritional product, VIVACOAT® X is a perfect combination of extra elegance in coating and a competitive price. VIVACOAT® X allows the application of an excellent optical effect in two simple ways:
  1. VIVACOAT® X as a clear elegant top coat on an already existing colored sub coat. Simply coat to a 0.5 % weight gain to get perfect elegance.
  2. VIVACOAT® X as a one-step coating on an uncoated white or 2-layer tablet. Just add 0.5 % weight gain to get perfect elegance.

VIVACOAT® C - Customer Formulation

The other types of VIVACOAT® are designed to offer a robust coating system at a very competitive price to your product development. VIVACOAT® C offers contract manufacturing for your already existing coating formulations. VIVACOAT® C covers:
  • Contract production of your formulation
  • Optional: transfer from multi-step to one-step
  • Optional: improving the performance of existing coating formulations
Homogeneity is the ultimate goal priority when producing a Ready-to-Use Coating System. The homogeneous distribution of liquids in a powder and the smallest amounts of ingredients can only be achieved by using state-of-the-art production equipment based on the latest mixing technology. Failures, especially with the distribution of the pigments, can easily be recognized on the tablet surface. VIVACOAT® is produced with state-of-the-art equipment in a GMP environment by well-trained experts. Batch to Batch Consistency and Color Guarantee: Color is the challenge for your coating. Even minor changes in the color of the raw materials used can have an influence on the color of your coating. Once agreed on a specific color we guarantee that you receive the same color with every delivery. This is controlled by IPC during the production. During the sampling process a specific VIVACOAT® film is created as the ”master”. During production every batch is compared to the original ”master” batch to avoid batch to batch color variations. With every batch we guarantee that the color of the coating on your tablets is the same as supplied in the original request. Cost Reduction: Once changing from an in-house formulation to a VIVACOAT® Ready-to-Use Coating, each of your products will have its own calculation, a part of this will be the coating. By using VIVACOAT® Ready-to-Use Coatings you can reduce your expenditure in R&D, administration, purchasing, quality assurance and production.

VIVACOAT® N - Natural components

VIVACOAT® N was developed to serve the increasing demand of the food and nutritional supplement market to launch products based on natural ingredients. Several well established products came into public discussion like Titanium Dioxide, Palm Oil, synthetic colors and genetically modified ingredients. The trend in the nutritional supplement industry moves to natural products. By using VIVACOAT® N as a Ready-to-Use Coating you can benefit from all advantages of our globally established VIVACOAT® A by using as natural as possible components only. Benefits of VIVACOAT® N:
  •  Based on VIVACOAT® A, containing ingredients as natural as possible
  •  Many colors available
  •  Brilliant and opaque white available
  •  HPMC based
  •  GMO free
  •  TiO2 free
  •  Palm oil free
  •  No synthetic colors
  •  High adhesion
  •  High solid content
  •  Solid content 17 %

VIVACOAT® seal - Multifunctional

VIVACOAT® seal is a clear Ready-to-Use Coating system based on shellac. It is dedicated for the use of nutritional supplements.

Why is VIVACOAT® seal a multifunctional coating? The performance of VIVACOAT® seal depends on the thickness of the applied film, i.e. the applied weight gain. As the homogeneity of the application depends on the shape of the substrate, the given levels can only be estimated and need to be checked individually.

VIVACOAT® ocean pure - Nature’s Best Alternative

VIVACOAT® ocean pure uses chemically unmodified components allowing a label-friendly and natural coating. It is designed to perfectly fit on clean label products. This product offers the benefits of a clear, non-functional film coating without using common and synthetic polymers for film formation.

VIVACOAT® ocean pure requires only 1-2% weight gain for a superior, clear coating. You can achieve the perfect natural look for your special product while the tablet core inside is still visible. Additionally, the smooth texture improves swallowability for better patient compliance.

VIVACOAT® ocean pure uses VIVAPHARM® Alginates to build the film. VIVAPHARM® Alginates are one of the most versatile hydrocolloids with unique viscosity gelling and film-forming properties with high flexibility for a variety of different processing conditions.

The manufacturing process of the whole VIVAPHARM® Alginates portfolio takes place in the JRS manufacturing plant in Landerneau, France. The Northwest of France is where the main raw materials, the brown algae, are harvested. Restricted areas and long-term contracts with local fishermen secure the sustainable harvest. This allows JRS PHARMA to verify the complete process from the raw algae in the sea to the finished product VIVAPHARM® Alginates. JRS has applied for “Organic” certification of VIVACOAT® ocean pure.

VIVACOAT® free - Titanium Dioxide Free

The upcoming ban of TiO2 from food products has presented new challenges for nutraceutical companies and their suppliers to reformulate their existing formulations. TiO2 provides the best whiteness and opacity with no products offering comparable characteristics.

When developing tablets with thin film coatings, replacing Ti02 can be extremely difficult. VIVACOAT® free provides the best Ti02 free solution to achieve the preferred tablet color while avoiding additional weight gain.

Discover bright white films and brilliant colors at reasonable weight gains even on your darkest tablet cores! Enjoy the freedom of choice when banning TiO2 from your tablet coatings. VIVACOAT® free is TiO2- free and Talcum-free, and has low weight gain, high solid content, no limits for dark tablet cores, and a free choice of colors.

VIVACOAT® protect T - Taste Masking

For best patient compliance, it is important that an oral dosage form is organoleptically neutral. To cover the bitter or unpleasant taste of drugs, JRS developed a taste masking Ready-to-Use Coating: VIVACOAT® protect T.

VIVACOAT® protect T is an immediate release coating with excellent taste masking properties. It is designed for pharmaceutical applications. Using conventional coating equipment, the easy application of VIVACOAT® protect T enables high spray rates and gives a competitive advantage to your product.

VIVACOAT® protect U - UV-Protection

VIVACOAT® protect U provides an effective protection against fading of natural colors caused by UV light. It is designed to diminish the light related degradation of natural colorants.  With a HPMC based composition, it can be used both aqueously and in partly solvent systems. VIVACOAT® protect U can be applied on top of a subcoat normally based on natural colors (riboflavin, chlorophyll, carotin, fruit and vegetables extracts…).

VIVACOAT® protect W - Water Vapor Protection

Many APIs are sensitive to moisture. Moisture can cause chemical degradation and/or physical changes to your API. This is especially problematic in areas with high humidity or when the tablets are removed from their original packaging. To improve drug stability and the shelf life of your product, JRS developed an advanced moisture barrier coating VIVACOAT® protect W.

VIVACOAT® protect W is an immediate release coating with excellent moisture protection. It is designed for pharmaceutical applications. VIVACOAT® protect W enables high spray rates and does not cause problems with tackiness.

VIVACOAT® protect E - Acid Protection

VIVACOAT® protect E is a white Ready-to-Use enteric coating system based on the globally accepted Metha-crylic Acid-Ethyl Acrylate copolymer (1:1).  It dissolves at pH values exceeding 5.5, and was developed to protect acid-sensitive APIs against gastric fluids. Likewise, it protects the stomach against irritating actives by delaying drug delivery until the dosage form reaches the small intestine.  The VIVACOAT® protect E system requires no neutralization, enabling an easy one-step reconstitution in water. Due to the high polymer content of the coating suspension, it also provides short process times.VIVACOAT® protect E is the ideal solution for delayed release oral dosage forms. Time savings in development and production are achieved by a simple, fast, and robust coating process. Also beneficial are reduced raw material inventory and QC requirements.
Ready-to-Use Coating System
Main Application
High Adhesion
  • Fully formulated Coating System (powder)
  • Highest quality standards - Made in Germany
  • Color guarantee
  • Free technical support
Moisture Barrier
Extra Elegance
  • Pharmaceutical & nutraceutical applications
Customer Formulation
VIVACOAT® protect E
Acid Protection
Multifunctional Coating
UV protection

A cellulose-based polymer for film coating, wet granulation, and hard capsule manufacturing.