VIVAPHARM® PVP/VA 64 - Copovidone


VIVAPHARM® PVP/VA 64 is a 6:4 linear random copolymer of N-vinylpyrrolidone and vinyl acetate. The vinyl acetate component of VIVAPHARM® PVP/VA 64 reduces the hydrophilicity and glass transition temperature (Tg) compared to povidone homopolymers of similar molecular weight.

As a result, VIVAPHARM® PVP/VA 64 is the ultimate tablet binder that extends its excellent adhesive property in wet granulation, as well as in dry granulation and direct compression.

Due to its spherical, hollow particle morphology and high plasticity, VIVAPHARM® PVP/VA 64 performs exceptionally well as a binder for direct compression.

In addition, a lower Tg makes VIVAPHARM® PVP/VA 64 an ideal polymer matrix for solid dispersions/solutions via hot melt extrusion, which enhances the dissolution of poorly soluble drug actives.


  • Suitable for use in direct compression, dry granulation, wet granulation, hot melt extrusion, and film coating
  • Good flowability
  • Large surface area due to hollow particle morphology – enhances particle bonding and good compressibility
  • Ideal glass transition temperature (Tg) for hot melt extrusion

The Classic Wet Binder with Optimal Balance Between Adhesive Strength and Ease of Handling